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Free Shipping $49USD+ (US), $100USD+ (CA, AU, UK & EU) | We Ship Worldwide



4 years ago, when Zee.Dog was just an idea on paper, I remember a conversation I had with my other two co-founders about how we were going to build a brand and make it become so influential that we would be able to make a "dent in the universe" for abandoned dogs around the world.  This was not just a random conversation about things that we wished would happen. This was a strategy meeting, and we set goals and objectives to our mission.  

Fast forward 4 years - Zee.Dog has ben fortunate enough to grow from a very small start-up to a global brand with reach in 220 countries. The more we grow the more we use our voice to advocate for and help save animal lives.

We have partnered up with several NGOs and during the last 4 years donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and we hope that number increases as we strengthen our presence.  

Primarily, we donate in two ways:

1. 5% of every sale (retail price) is donated to the cause.

In Brazil, we work closely with Ampara Animal and over the last two years have helped them raise over $150,000 used towards repairing shelters, buying food and medical aid and building a Spay and Neuter UV that circulates in local slums and other poor areas where people don't have the means to control the over population of stray dogs.   In the U.S. we have teamed up with Wags and Walks. They’re a grass roots, Los Angeles based rescue organization founded by one woman with a dream to provide all breeds a chance to a better life. This rapidly growing group is supported by a passionate team of volunteers who share a common goal: to find dogs at risk, the perfect forever home.

2. Creating exclusive co-branded collections and products with other brands and donating 100% or part of the profits to the cause.

Below are two campaigns we really enjoyed creating.

A Flip-Flops collection that match our Collars and Leashes.  


 A collection of Electric Bicycles with the same prints as our collars and leashes.  



Written by Thadeu Diz

Zee.Dog's Creative Director, dad to the coolest mutt ever, and clearly a pizza by the slice lover.