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Free Shipping $49USD+ (US), $100USD+ (CA, AU, UK & EU) | We Ship Worldwide



Picture of Zee.Dog product development

Since the conception of the brand back in 2008, we set our ambitions high when it came to developing the final product. The mission was simple: work with only the best materials available, push manufacturers to work outside of their comfort zone and negotiate reasonable prices so that the end price to our consumers would be affordable. We don't believe superior quality products need to be expensive. They shouldn't be. On top of that, we needed smaller minimums to keep our products somewhat exclusive.

We knew it was going to be about perseverance and about selling our dreams to these top manufacturers who had the means to materialize our ideas. We felt like crusaders trying to find the source of the best nylon in the world for our leashes and collars, one that would be amazingly resistant but on touch was smooth and soft. We had no money and no contacts, only a solid vision of what we wanted to create.

Zee.Dog rubber  dog logo

To raise funds for our quest to find the best manufacturers in the world, we launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised just enough cash to pay for our first prototypes. After that, it was about a year of running safety and quality tests in order to make sure we put out only the best of the best. It was an extensive process. We had the best product development people with us, the best designers, and infinite stubbornness.

Man holding Zee.Dog ruff dog leash

The day we got our final samples in hand, was the day we really understood that we were going to shake things up. Every product we design and manufacture will always have that unmeasurable attention dedicated to it. We promise.


Written by Thadeu Diz

Zee.Dog's Creative Director, dad to the coolest mutt ever, and purveyor of the best macchiatos on the planet.