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CollarNeopro Bubblegum

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Size Chart
  • Width
  • Extra Small0.4 in
  • Small0.6 in
  • Medium0.8 in
  • Large1 in
  • Circumference
  • Extra Small9 - 13 in
  • Small12.2 - 17 in
  • Medium14.5 - 20.8 in
  • Large17.7 - 27.5 in
  • Made of Neopro™ rubber overlay
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully adjustable
  • Soft on your dog’s fur
  • Buckle built with a 4-point locking system for added safety
  • Bright colors
  • Rubber logo protects stitches for longer durability
  • Note - Neopro rubber overlay protects the material underneath against different weather conditions and natural wear and tear. This is not chew-proof.
  • Care Instructions

    When cleaning your Zee.Dog Neopro, we always recommend that you use neutral soap (ex. basic dish soap) and warm water.

    Brush the surface (from one end of the buckle to the other end) with the soft side of a basic sponge.

    Let it air-dry in the shade and avoid washing it frequently.

    When not in use, we suggest that you keep your Neopro accessory someplace safe where your pup can't jump up and grab it. There is a risk that it might get chewed and damaged, our collars are not chew-proof.



    The NeoPro™ Dog collar is Zee.Dog's newest launch. This new collar was built with a NeoPro™ rubber overlay that protects the Polyester making it extremely weather proof and super easy to clean and maintain. The buckle has a 4 point locking system and the collar can be fully adjusted to fit your dog's neck.

    Dog Collar Neopro Bubblegum - Zee.Dog

    Ultra protection

    Neopro Coleira Bubblegum - Zee.Dog

    Easy to

    Rinse it with water for instant dirt removal and it's as good as new.

    Neopro Coleira Bubblegum - Zee.Dog


    The NeoPro line is made to last. Super tough materials that are built to resist wear and tear that come from dogs playing hard.


    The translucent rubber overlay creates a weatherproof shield for added protection.

    Neopro Coleira Bubblegum - Zee.Dog
    Neopro Coleira Bubblegum - Zee.Dog


    4-point lock system for extra safety

    Neopro Coleira Bubblegum - Zee.Dog


    protection against dust and rust

    Neopro Coleira Bubblegum - Zee.Dog

    Let dogs be dogs.