Zombie | Air Mesh Harness

Air Mesh HarnessZombie

Starting At: $26.99

Starting At: $26.99
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Zombie | Air Mesh Harness

Air Mesh HarnessZombie

Starting at: $26.99

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Size Chart
  • Neck

  • Extra Small9.5 in
  • Small12.6 in
  • Medium15.7 in
  • Large18.9 in
  • Waist
  • Extra Small11.4 - 16.1 in
  • Small13.2 - 19.7 in
  • Medium15.7 - 23.2 in
  • Large21.6 - 43.3 in
  • Length
  • Extra Small6.5 in
  • Small7.5in
  • Medium9in
  • Large10.5in

  • note - when measuring for the "neck" please measure the lowest part of your dog's neck. For "waist" measure the circumference of your dog's waist directly behind their two front legs

  • Made from a premium and resistant mesh material that keeps your dog cool and ventilated
  • Super soft feel for extra comfort
  • Adjustable around the belly for a custom fit
  • Care Instructions

    When cleaning your Zee.Dog mesh harness, we always recommend the use of neutral soap (ex. basic dish soap) and warm water.

    Use your hands to lather the mesh. For the nylon strap, brush the surface in the direction of the webbing (from one end of the buckle to the other end) with the soft side of a basic sponge.

    Let your harness air-dry in the shade and avoid washing frequently.

    When not in use, we suggest that you keep your dog harness someplace safe where your pup can't jump up and grab it. There is a risk that it might get chewed and damaged, our harnesses are not chew-proof!

    Zombie | Air Mesh Harness

    Our Air Mesh Plus Harnesses are super soft on the fur and let the air flow through so your dog is always feeling cool. The buckle is built with a 4-point lock system for added safety.

    Zombie | Air Mesh Harness
    Zombie | Air Mesh Harness