Free Shipping $49USD+ (US), $100USD+ (CA, AU, UK & EU) | We Ship Worldwide
Free Shipping $49USD+ (US), $100USD+ (CA, AU, UK & EU) | We Ship Worldwide

The Zee.Dog Human line was born, first of all, by a demand from our community. Over the years, we have consistently created and launched expression products. These products help to create a new way of living.

First we made products that connect you and your dog.
Now, we believe it is time to apply all this knowledge of design and innovation to items designed exclusively for you.

Thadeu Diz
Creative Director
Nathalie Jourdan
Design Director
Vitor "Bossa" Vieira
Content Director
Sérgio Barbosa
Director of Human Division
Karen Dworak
Graphic Designer
Paulo Eskilo
Content Creator

“Everything we design and build follows a motto of “for us, by us”. That way we understand the details that will make a product fullfil a need and be extraordinary.” 

- Felipe Diz / CEO Zee.Dog

“Everyday items need to be solid, timeless and minimalistic. They need to be relevant today and continue to be relevant 10 years from now.” 

- Sérgio José / Director of Human Division