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Free Shipping $49USD+ (US), $100USD+ (CA, AU, UK & EU) | We Ship Worldwide

Zee.Dog dropped a reflective version of their bestselling Hands-Free Leash

New York, NY: Zee.Dog has launched NOX, a reflective version of their customer favorite Hands-Free Leash. Just like the standard Hands-Free Leash, the NOX can be used in three different ways (across your chest, around your waist or as a long leash) by simply adjusting the moving slider. It also has the E.Zee Lock to tether your dog to a table leg or bench, without having to remove the leash. Unlike the regular Hands-Free Leashes, the NOX, has reflective material woven through the length of the leash, which provides safety at night. 

“The NOX stands out when compared to standard reflective leashes. The reflective material is woven along the whole rope surface. When used in the dark, the entire leash becomes reflective and provides extra visibility when you walk your dog” says Pietro Chiera, Head of Product Design at Zee.Dog.

The new NOX Reflective Hands-Free Leash is available for sale on

About [Zee.Dog]: Zee.Dog is a Brazil-based lifestyle brand that was founded in 2012 with one major purpose: to Connect Dogs and People. The company manufactures and sells dog, cat, and human products in over 60 countries. They also collaborate with many brands and artists, including Stranger Things, Keith Haring, Jeff Staple, etc., to create limited edition pet products.