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Size Chart
  • Width
  • 0.4 in
  • Length
  • 7.8 - 11.8 in


Care Instructions

When cleaning your Zee.Cat collar, we always recommend that you use neutral soap (ex. basic dish soap) and warm water.

Brush the surface in the direction of the webbing (from one end of the buckle to the other end) with the soft side of a basic sponge.

Let it air-dry in the shade and avoid washing it frequently.

When not in use, we suggest that you keep your cat collar someplace safe where your pup can't jump up and grab it. There is a risk that it might get chewed and damaged, our collars are not chew-proof.

Sunkiss | Cat Collar

Our Zee.Cat collars are made of super soft polyester and are one size fits all. The buckle is a breakaway buckle that automatically opens if your cat gets stuck out and about and attached to the D ring is a small bell so you can find them during those classic hide and seek sessions.

Sunkiss | Cat Collar
Bell feature | Zee.Cat