Juno | The Ruff Leash

The Ruff LeashJuno

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Size Chart
  • Width
  • Small 0.8 in
  • Large 1 in
  • Length
  • Small 4 ft
  • Large 31.5 in
  • The polyurethane shock absorbent spring absorbs the force so your shoulders and arms don’t
  • Neoprene padding on the handle for extra comfort on the hands
  • Rubber logo protects stitches for longer durability
  • Two sizes: Large is shorter in length and wider / Small is longer in length and thinner
  • Colors match prints in the collection
  • Care Instructions

    When cleaning your Zee.Dog leash, we always recommend the use of neutral soap (ex. basic dish soap) and warm water. 

    Brush the surface in the direction of the webbing with the soft side of a basic sponge. For leashes this would be from handle towards the hook. 

    Let it air-dry in the shade and avoid washing it frequently. 

    When not in use, we suggest that you keep your dog leash someplace safe where your pup can't jump up and grab it. There is a risk that it might get chewed and damaged, our leashes are not chew-proof!

    Hook care:

    1. Hook inspection: Check to see if hook and screw lock are in good condition and working smoothly. Keep them free from any dust and dirt residue by opening and closing the gate several times while blowing it to prevent anything from sticking in.
    2. A clean hook is a good hook. After removing any residue and dust from the hook, rinse it with running water and dry it with a clean towel while pushing the gate back and forth.
    3. Lube is the key. The best tip for a long lasting hook is occasionally use lubricant oils to make it even smoother. Lube it with dry graphite or any waxed based lubricant around the hinge area, the spring hole and the locking mechanism. Remember to always lube it after contact with salt water.

    Juno | The Ruff Leash

    Voted the best dog leash in the world by Pet Product News International, our RUFF dog leash is a design marvel built with a shock absorbent spring to make your arms survive those harsh walks with dogs that think they're beasts.

    Juno | The Ruff Leash
    Juno | The Ruff Leash
    Juno | The Ruff Leash
    Juno | The Ruff Leash
    Juno | The Ruff Leash
    Juno | The Ruff Leash